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SolarBotanic™ Product Development 

Eco-Friendly Design

The product concept was devised over 7 years ago, and has been designed in collaboration with potential customers, architects and suppliers to ensure an aesthetically attractive, functional and affordable alternative to conventional solar panels.

Leaders of Industry

The Central Research Laboratory in London is assisting with the industrial design phase working in conjunction with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre(AMRC), Sheffield University.


The key technology elements of the tree, specifically the photo-voltaic (PV) cells have been lab tested. The next step is to build a field prototype to validate the modelling and lab tests. This will be done at the AMRC in Sheffield for completion in Q2/2024.

Advanced Tech

In parallel the commercial production version of the launch version fo the SolarBotanic™ Tree v01 is being developed to be available in mid-2024.

The fully integrated SolarBotanic™ Tree version v02 with Energy Management System (EMS), battery storage and rapid EV-charging system will be available commercially in late 2024. 

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