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The SolarBotanic Tree Launch Plan


The company is currently undertaking a funding round with S/EIS investors to fund the prototype installation at the AMRC, Sheffield in H1/2023,  and complete the design the commercial production version of the launch version of the SolarBotanic™ Tree v01 to be available in Q3/2023.

A further funding round is planned in H2/2023 to fund the commercial production start-up and scale to commercial volumes over the following 36 months.  Discussions are ongoing with key supply chain partners covering manufacture, installation logistics and in service support.

The fully integrated SolarBotanic™ Tree version v02 with Energy Management System (EMS), battery storage and rapid EV-charging system will be available commercially in 2024.

The SolarBotanic™ Tree version v03 will be available in 2027 utilising advanced combined wind and  solar power generation modules.

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